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Ethiopian spice mixture is very sharp, which is traditionally seasoned dishes of lamb, served with stews and added to the stew. It includes: garlic, red pepper, cardamom, ginger, coriander, fenugreek and azhgon. There is no single recipe, as in almost every Ethiopian family mix up differently. First on a dry pan roasted red pepper pod, […]



Burning, fragrant blend of spices and seasonings, which is used in North Africa as a seasoning for meats and vegetables. It includes: nutmeg, black pepper, allspice, coriander, cumin, cloves, cinnamon, red pepper (chilli), cardamom, and sometimes add equal parts of crushed rosebuds and cinnamon. The main component is baharata black pepper, which gave its name […]



This is one of the sacred plants of India, which, they argue, can cure sexual weakness and give the energy of love. Indians are credited with miraculous properties of the basilica, because they believe that it contains natural mercury – the seed of the god Shiva. Spice plant really is a strong aphrodisiac, which should […]

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Illicium verum

Latin name: Illicium verum Parts of the plant needed to use: fruit. General: evergreen tree of the family home is ilitsievyh Southeastern China and North Vietnam. Cultivated in Japan, India, Abkhazia, Jamaica and the Philippines. Star anise – the tree height of 2-4 ms compact pyramidal crown. Leaves lanceolate, about 5-8 cm in length, a […]